How new Dad's can bond with their baby's

14th June 2019

In honour of Father’s Day this weekend I thought I would celebrate the role of Dad’s by exploring some of the ways they can bond with their baby’s, because let’s face it Dad’s are awesome!

Eye contact and watching your baby

It has been proven that the more you watch your baby (asleep or awake!) the better you will be at reading his/her cues so it’s a great way for a new Dad to bond with his baby because it helps them to get to know their baby even better!


Play time is so valuable to bonding with your baby right from birth! They can benefit from games of funny faces and who’s better at funny faces than Dad! At this age they are still exploring their senses so they also can enjoy games of singing.


One-on-one time with baby

Often Dad’s can feel overwhelmed having a new baby, for example a study found 30% of Dads-to-be said they didn’t know how to hold a baby, but it can be valuable for them to spend one-on-one time with their baby as this can help to boost their confidence. Also the more time a Dad spends with his child the more oxytocin he will produce, oxytocin is the “feel good hormone” which helps to boost loving and bonding. Research has shown that when a Dad interacts one-on-one with his 9 month old for 45 minutes a day it will help him to know his baby well enough to offer the right toys, this relates back to being able to read baby’s cues.


Skin to skin

Any parent that has done skin to skin with their baby will tell you how wonderful it is. Having your baby skin to skin lying on your chest is a beautiful way to bond with your baby – and it’s not just for mums! Dad’s can have a go doing skin to skin and baby will still receive a lot of the same benefits, while Dad gets to enjoy feeling close and cosy with his baby.


So there you go, for any Dad’s out their celebrating their first Fathers Day, or Dad’s-to-be, there are lots of ways for you to bond with your new baby! Happy Fathers Day!


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Welcome to The Cotswold Doula!

April 2019

Hello, I’m Kizzy and I’m The Cotswold Doula. As I’m new I’d quite like to tell you a bit about me and how I got here. 

I have always been passionate about birth, especially since becoming a Mum myself - I have one beautiful little boy who is my pride and joy, Noah will be 4 next month - and I have recently qualified as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner with Calm Births Hypnobirthing. What I love about teaching Hypnobirthing is seeing the confidence of a woman and her birth partner grow over the series of the course and being able to help people to achieve their positive birth experience.

I am also in the process of completing my Nurturing Birth course to become a birth and postnatal Doula. This has been my dream job since having my Son and I'm very excited for the next chapter of my career.

So I hope that gives you an idea of who I am, please have a look around my site if you haven’t already and do get in touch if you are interested in what I can offer you. And keep posted using my Facebook page and Instagram!